Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java Review

Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java Review

Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java

What better than a child-sized back pack for your kids to bring along on your family camping and trekking trips? The answer could be the Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java Pack.

While it is true that children can use bigger sized bags as well, using bags that are made especially for their much smaller build will make the overall trip much for comfortable and fun for your youngster. This can also help prevent future back problems and aches from occurring as well.

Key Features

  • Maximum carrying capacity of 2050 cubic inches
  • Manufactured for children
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple compartments
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Hydration compatible

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Nowadays, you can easily buy back packs that perfectly fit your children’s needs. The Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java is an example of such a back pack – one that is perfectly crafted to fit your kid’s smaller frame comfortably.

This back pack is lightweight at only two pounds, which makes it easier for your kids to carry along. This also prevents them from being lugged down from any unnecessary weight.

The multiple compartments of this back pack allow you to keep all of your items securely held in place and organized. The Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java comes with a top loading compartment, two small zippered pockets on the right side and one long zippered pocket on the left.

Kelty Tioga 34 Junior JavaThe maximum carry capacity of 2050 cubic inches is more than enough to carry an ample amount of camping supplies and personal belongings. Additional features of the Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java are its adjustable suspension feature and its hydration compatibility.


  • The Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java provides children with smaller back packs without skimping on the features.
  • The carrying capacity of this back pack lets users bring along all of their equipment and easily sort them into organized compartments.
  • The lightweight nature of this back pack is a big advantage as well, for this lets children move around with more ease and comfort.


Though this back pack is designed specifically for children, it may not fit well for larger framed torsos.

Customer Reviews

The Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java has yet to receive a single negative review. Customers have given this product a 67% 5-star rating and a 33% 4-star rating. What parents like best about this product is that it is a perfect fit for children with small waists.

The lightweight build of this backpack has been commended as well, for it lightens the load that the kids need to bring. This backpack also provides more than enough space necessary to keep everything a child may need on a camping trip.

“It’s a kelty backpack, not much more to say, they make the best hiking equipment! If you need a backpack get a kelty you won’t be disappointed.”

Michael Helbert, Amazon Customer Review

“My son has used this pack for hiking out to cabins over the last two years. Perfect amount of space for all items he needs to pack, lots of pockets and options to strap on a sleeping pad and/or sleeping bag.”

Dan Fabrello, Amazon Customer Review

“I am a Scoutmaster and have had many of our scouts purchase this backpack.
Works great but, weight listed is incorrect, should be 3 lb 6 oz per Kelty website.”

David Kincannon, Amazon Customer Review

The Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java has been reviewed by 6 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.2 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.



All in all, the Kelty Tioga 34 Junior Java is a great find for parents looking for a kid-sized backpack for their children. This back pack was manufactured for children with small waists, weighing around 60-75 pounds.


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