Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack Review

Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack Review

Kelty Yukon External Frame PackFor those younger adults who have not yet transitioned into the right build to hold a full-sized camping backpack, then the Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack is just right pack for you. This backpack is not too big and not too small for all of your camping needs. Making every hiking trip you go on much more comfortable and organized with this great back pack.

Key Features

  • Maximum holding capacity of 3000 cubic inches
  • Perfect size for young adults
  • External frame
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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For people who are caught in the stage between teen years and adulthood, then this is one back pack you should definitely look into. The Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack comes with all of the features of the full-sized version, only in a smaller form to better fit the frames of young adults.

This back pack has a maximum holding capacity of 3000 cubic inches. All of your items, tools, and necessities can be placed neatly into the pack’s multiple compartments – there is a top loading compartment, a large front pocket, a compartment for your sleeping bag, mesh water bottle pockets, as well as zippered side pockets.

For those wondering what an external framed back pack is, it is simply a back pack with its frame outside of it instead of inside. This allows for better balance and distribution of weight. Also, this provides an excellent means of ventilation, for your back is not in constant contact with the back pack. This will help prevent excessive sweating and overheating, something that is a common occurrence on long hiking trips.

Kelty Yukon External Frame PackThe shoulder straps as well as the waist belt of the Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack are padded for comfort. This product also comes equipped with a Scherer Cinch, sternum strap, key fob, spindrift collar, lash tabs and ice-axe loops.

The Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack comes with a limited lifetime warranty which protects a user against defects in both the workmanship and material of the product.


  • The external frame of this back pack allows for better balance, which is an important advantage especially when you are hiking through uneven terrain.
  • The frame also provides users with a unique ventilation system, which helps keep hikers cool and comfortable.
  • The padded shoulder straps and waist belt make the carrying of heavy loads easier as well.


Some users commented that 3000 cubic inches is not enough space for all of their camping needs.

Customer Reviews

The Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack has yet to receive negative reviews. Overall, 88% of the people who have reviewed this product gave this back pack a 5-star rating. The sturdy and comfortable build of this back makes it ideal for long hiking and camping trips.

The various compartments allow you to keep all of your things organized as well. One thing that users commented about though was that the back pack could have been a little bit bigger, to provide more space. This product was manufactured however for the smaller build of younger adults.

“I purchased this for my 12 year old son who just became a boy scout. This pack fits perfect when set to the smallest size so it will grow as he does. All the scouts in his troop use the Kelty Yukon since it is perfect for weekend trips. As I type this he is out on his first weekend camping trip. Temp. will be 32 degrees tonight and all his gear and cloths fit.”

Dominic Rendero, Amazon Customer Review

I have used the slightly larger version of this pack for several years, and have given two of this exact pack as gifts. The quality is exceptional, mine has been many miles with no failures of any kind. The suspension is comfortable, and the external frame allows a lot of versatility in how you choose to stow your equipment. Just make sure you size it correctly, since this particular pack is a little on the small size for an average sized man. For youths and female hikers it is usually an excellent choice. If you’re a man 5′ 10″ or taller, definitely measure your torso to make sure you’re not getting a pack that is too small.”

Colter, Amazon Customer Review

The Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack has been reviewed by 18 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.8 out of 5.0.  Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.



Overall, if you are looking for a great back pack for a young adult, then the Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack is something you should look into.

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