CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal Frame Camping Review

CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal Frame Camping Review

CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal FrameThe CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal Frame Camping is a backpack that is designed to meet the needs of most backpackers. With plenty of room and pockets to fit and organize your load, this backpack is ideal for those who want a comfortable and light weight item to store their things.

Key Features

  • It has a 75-liter capacity
  • It features a removable internal aluminum frame for flexible use
  • It provides access to the main compartment via top and front
  • It features 8 pockets where you can store your things
  • It is designed with extra webbing holders
  • It is designed with PVC coated internal for water protection
  • It features a heavily padded back panel, shoulder and waist straps for comfort

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The CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal Frame Camping is a practical buy considering its great features and design. Thanks to its durability, you will be able to use it while travelling or backpacking for years, for it won’t let you down.

With a 75-liter capacity, this backpack features a new internal frame. To add, you can easily remove the internal aluminum frame with which the backpack is designed in order to benefit of a flexible use of the item. Thus, there’s practically no situation where you couldn’t use the pack.

Another great thing about this backpack is the fact that it allows you to access the main compartment via top and front. To add, the total number of pockets where you can store your things is 8. Thus, you have two front zippered pockets, two large zippered side pockets, a top lid pocket where you can put essentials or raingear, and two side stretch pockets for accessories or water bottles. In case you need additional space for your gear, you can use the extra webbing holders.CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal FrameIn order to protect your things and the backpack itself from rain, the pack is designed with PVC coated internal that provides excellent water protection. Moreover, to add comfort while carrying, the backpack features a heavily padded back panel, shoulder and waist straps.


  • The backpack has great features like the removable internal aluminum frame and the PVC coated internal for water protection.
  • It has an adjustable strap to change the height of where it sits on your shoulders with THICK padding on the lower back and sides of your back.
  • Many compartments and great storage space.
  • It has a BIG area for a water bladder.


There were some who complained that it can sometimes get difficult to access the zippers.

Customer Reviews

The CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Internal Frame Camping has earned many positive reviews from its users thanks to the great features and quality design that is has. Customers comment on the great storage space and its comfort.

“Got this for Scout son’s first camping trip with Scouter Mom. :/. It was perfect & kept him from having to carry multiple bags. Everything was in or attached to the pack & it worked great. We also got several heavy duty twist holders (the really long ones which helped attach things (like his sleeping bag or foam mat) to the outside of the pack.

We hung a few boy being used on the way out to the pack (just dangling). They were a lifesaver for him and a couple buddies on the way back home (when everything didn’t fit as well as it did on the way out!) :)”

Lorry, Amazon Customer Review

“This is a great pack for the money. Sure you could spend a lot more and get the best zippers in the the world, but for those of us that are just using them once or twice a year. They are perfect. Lots of room and lots of pockets! Really like it.”

Brooks, Amazon Customer Review

“‘m not the guy who will put something like this through the wringer. I like camping, hiking, and rock-climbing every so often; and this pack is perfect for those sorts of activities. Oodles of room and pockets allow you to carry your things and sort them any number of ways. It’s comfortable to wear and a great addition to my hobby closet.”

J Manning, Amazon Customer Review

The CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci has been reviewed by 128 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.1 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.



All in all, the CUSCUS 75+10L 5400ci Backpack is a great backpack for those who want a durable and light weight pack to carry their load. I highly recommend this pack if you are looking for something that has many storage pockets that allows you to organize your things properly and access them with ease.

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